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LED LABS Electronic Workbench Kit

The Led labs product is an electronic workbench for students and hobbyists. It is designed with you in mind.

Micro-controllers such as the arduino or pic can be used with this board, and has on board facilities to aid in program design etc. It is design around 5v USB suppy.

It can also be used as an output board for the raspberry pi or other devices.

The demonstration video below shows, a programmed pic controlling a stepper motor and a led light display…

As the demonstration shows, Led Labs like dealing with the bits and the bytes and 4 bit nibbles which is fundamental to underpinning knowledge in Micros., and the port/pins outputs of the micro just hook up with jump wires as resistors drivers etc are on board. Led Labs includes circuit diagrams and instructions for each of the modules which could also aid in building a working version of your own prototype or experiment based around your code..

Design, manufactured and supplied by Nigel Marsey of Nigel’s Computers, Scarborough.