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Nigels Computer Repairs

Nigels Computer Repairs, Scarborough
Nigels Computer Repairs, Scarborough

Nigel’s Computer Repairs in Dean Road in Scarborough is built on 20 years experience, covering computers, laptops and electronics to ensure a quality service all the time.

All laptop and PC desktop repairs are carried out on-site and are never sent away.

Laptops have all sorts of problems occurring and reoccurring, with some easy fixes and some that are not, and the more complex of main-board faults, taking the Southbridge Chip-sets and video faults for example. Infra-red methods are used for possible repair, as mentioned in more detail on the XBOX and PS3 repair heading, under the home page section. The thing with laptops as they are small, compared to there predecessors the tower, they have to dissipate heat more efficiently with not a lot of breathing space. using these on your lap or on top of a bed is not a good idea, if used this way 24/7. as fans underneath wont work correctly.

For longevity always use on a flat surface and avoid the above, which most of us won’t. So if you are experiencing lockups (hanging) etc, maybe it needs servicing. So when is a laptop running to hot?, generally what would be experienced is erratic behaviour, system lock ups or restarts, this is due to the core temperatures of the processor or video card getting to hot, if the heat is not shunted away the system becomes thermally unstable and lockups etc occur, or odd behaviour happens, Until damage to the processor could result. if the fans are clear and working, and still locking and feeling hot, with age the heat-sink compound can start to perish, this results in the system running hotter than usual, which can be okay on certain laptops, so long as its within its limits, different systems vary, to what they can handle, different manufacturing methods is also an added factor.

The best solution is always to keep your system as cool as possible. As laptops have progressed and do suffer from this heat problem, devices such as cooler stands are available to purchase, where the laptop sits on these fan assisted devices, in the form of a flat tray, which is powered from the laptops usb port, in order to keep it cool. Screens and inverters are also repaired/replaced dc socket repairs etc.

A Thermal rework station, and a new infra-red bga (ball grid array) rework station, this equipment is the beast that can rework 500 pins under a chip. This is some of the in house inventory to get them repairable laptops repaired.

Laptop repairs and computer repairs, virus arrests and removals. Computer upgrades. Xbox and Ps3 laser repairs, and the rrod and ylod console errors

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